Press Release

Director General of Hubla confirmed the ISM Code BKI Auditor

In accordance with the Inaugural Mechanism of International Rules

Jakarta, August 2, 2017

In order to improve the quality of national shipping safety, Director General of Hubla Ministry of Transportation represented by Director of Shipping & Marine, Capt. Rudiyana accompanied by Director of Classification of PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) / BKI - Capt. Iman Satria Utama confirmed the ISM Code Auditor (International Safety Management Code) PT BKI. The inauguration was conducted at the Directorate of Shipping and Ministry of Transportation, Wednesday (2/8).

"In accordance with the mechanism that the auditor appointed in the context of the ISM Code authorization must be through the inaugural mechanism by Flag State in this case the Government of Indonesia has the authority", said Corporate Secretary of PT BKI - Saifuddin Wijaya, Wednesday (2/8) after the inauguration ceremony.

He added that the inaugural ISM Code Auditor is implemented according to the International Maritime Organization / IMO inauguration mechanism whereby each ISM Code BKI auditor is equipped with Certificate and Decree (SK) of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation Ministry of Transportation. UM.008 / 50/9 / DJPL-17 concerning the inauguration of International Safety Management Code Auditor in the Environment of PT Bureau of Classification of Indonesia (Persero) in 2017.

As the symbolic inauguration took place on 16th & 24th of May 2017 at Alila Hotel, Central Jakarta, the auditor of this time has got the legitimacy in black on white with the SK and Certificate from the Government of Indonesia.

"This will increase our confidence later on in the field in carrying out the task", said Saifuddin.

Since 1996 BKI has been granted confidence (authorization) for ISM Code audit in respect of DOC and SMC. However, in its development, the mechanism is mandatory not only for BKI as its institution, but its auditor is also confirmed to be through the inaugural mechanism according to international rules.

The ISM Code is the context of the marine safety management rule but not from the technical and physical aspects of the vessel, but rather on how the management of the safety of shipping both in its shipping company office and the safety management on board.

"So, the ISM Code actually has two certificates that must be owned by Sailing Industry Actors (Document of Compliant) for shipping companies operating vessel and SMC (Safety Management Certificate) for vessels operated", he concluded.

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