Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarno through the Decree of Minister of State-Owned Enterprises as General Meeting of Shareholders of Limited Liability Company of PT Bureau of Classification of Indonesia number: SK-255 / MBU / 11/2017 dated November 24, 2016 appoint two new directors of BKI. The two appointed persons are Saifuddin Wijaya as Director of Resource Development and Mohamad Cholil as Director of Operations.

The appointment of the two new officials was marked by the submission of the Ministerial Decree on Friday (24/11) by the Deputy Assistant of Financial Services, Survey and Finance II Service of Wien Irwanto. Also attending the event held at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises was the Head of Financial Services Division, Survey Service and Consultant IIa Sulwan Silondae and staffs, BKI Board of Commissioners Faisal Ahmad, President Director of BKI Rudiyanto, Director of Finance and Administration Timbul Tambunan, Iman Satria Utama Director of Classification BKI period 2012-2017.

Assistant Deputy of Financial Services Business, Survey and Finance II Service Wien Irwanto in his speech at the event expects that the new directors of BKI which is now complete amounted to four people in order to become a solid team.

"To Mr. Saifuddin Wijaya and Mr. Mohamad Cholil who was appointed to the Board of Directors of BKI we congratulate, hopefully the cooperation and good relationship that has been established so far can be maintained to jointly build BKI. As the Director of Resource Development, there are many things that can be developed from BKI because we know BKI quite qualified in the field of engineering, especially with the plan of BKI Academy, will more and more that can be developed especially in the field of education and training in engineering and maritime needed in line with the government's Nawacita and Tol Tol, "said Wien Irwanto.

"For Mr. Cholil, the Director of Operations, is expected to build a harmonious cooperation between the field of classification and the commercial field, so that they can synergize together to strengthen the competitiveness and business performance of BKI, while also improving the effective control function for operational efficiency in working on projects , "He added.

Meanwhile, BKI Commissioner Faisal Ahmad said that the Board of Commissioners gave a positive appreciation to the appointment of the two members of this board of directors. "We The Board of Commissioners is grateful for the acceptance of our proposal regarding the need for replacement of the previously completed Board of Directors members and the necessary aspirations of members of the Board of Directors from internal insiders. The nomenclature of the appointment of the board of directors follows a new structure that will soon be socialized and put into effect internally in the company, and hopefully with the composition of the complete board of directors can be able to work because the task is waiting, "he said.

Main Director of BKI Rudiyanto in his speech said that the addition of two members of the Board of Directors of BKI is a requirement in accordance with the dynamics and business demands of the company at this time. "We are grateful to the Minister of SOEs who have completed the composition of the Board of Directors of BKI, because this is our requirement in accordance with the dynamics and demands of the immediate need we take strategic steps to develop the business potential of BKI by maximizing the potential resources of the company through the activities in the field of classification and commercial mapun. Many of the plans we have put together are related to BKI Academy, for example, which we can now immediately run because there are already people responsible in that field, "said Rudiyanto.

Prior to his appointment as Director of Human Resources Saifuddin Wijaya has been a Corporate Secretary of BKI since 2013. The man who was born in Surabaya 54 years ago took a career in BKI since 1988 and mainly acted in the head office and has headed the fields and divisions related to information technology, quality, corporate planning, research and development.

Meanwhile Mohamad Cholil was appointed as Director of Operations as Head of Main Branch of Klas BKI Samarinda. The 58-year-old Pacitan-born man spent more of his career in the production unit as head of BKI's branch office, among others in Samarinda, Jakarta, Singapore, Semarang, Surabaya and Dumai.

On the occasion, Assistant Deputy of Financial Services Business, Survey and Finance II Service Wien Irwanto also submitted a Decree of the Minister of SOEs that confirmed the dismissal of Iman Satria Utama as Director of Classification of BKI for the period 2012-2017.

"We represent the Ministry of SOEs to thank Mr. Iman Satria Utama for the contribution and dedication that has been given to BKI, hopefully after returning to the parent agency in the Directorate of Marine Transportation Joints can continue to assist BKI especially related to the fields which is under the authority of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation assigned to BKI, "said Wien Irwanto.With the appointment of two members of this new directors, the complete composition of the Board of Directors of BKI is as follows: President Director Rudiyanto, Operations Director Mohamad Cholil, Director of Resources Development Saifuddin Wijaya, and Director of Finance and Administration Timbul Tambunan. **