SOE State Minister Rini M Soemarno completes the Board of Directors of BKI by appointing Saifuddin Wijaya as Director of Resource Development and Mohamad Cholil as Operation Director. The appointment is marked by the submission of the Decree of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises on Termination, Change of Nomenclature of Occupation, Transfer of Duties, and Appointment of Members of the Board of Directors of PT Perusahaan Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia by Assistant Deputy of Financial Services Business, Survey and Finance II Service Wien Irwanto, Friday (24/11) at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta.

"To Mr. Saifuddin Wijaya and Mr. Mohamad Cholil who was appointed to the Board of Directors of BKI we congratulate, hopefully the cooperation and good relationship that has been established so far can be maintained to jointly build BKI. As the Director of Resource Development, there are many things that can be developed from BKI because we know BKI quite qualified in the field of engineering, especially with the plan of BKI Academy, will more and more that can be developed especially in the field of education and training in engineering and maritime needed in line with the government's Nawacita and Tol Tol, "said Wien Irwanto.

"For Mr. Cholil, the Director of Operations, is expected to build a harmonious cooperation between the field of classification and the commercial field, so that they can synergize together to strengthen the competitiveness and business performance of BKI, while also improving the effective control function for operational efficiency in working on projects , "He added.

President Director of BKI Rudiyanto said that the two persons appointed to this Board of Directors are the persons in BKI who are selected career officers after passing a thorough fit and proper test.

"Two people who today are appointed as Directors are career employees, they start their work from the bottom until now can go to the board of directors. This shows that the opportunity for insiders, employees and employees to be able to ride up the highest career ladder in an open company. Directors always encourage the best cadres of the company to get a way and opportunity for it, "said Rudiyanto.

"Mr. Wiwied and Mr. Cholil has been a solid management team, now a director, I hope the team of directors will be more solid to pursue the target set by shareholders. In the future, the business challenge is getting harder, therefore we need people who can match and synchronize in thinking and acting, so that the constraints in optimizing the company's resources and operational constraints that have been going on can be overcome. Both of these new directors follow the new structure nomenclature that will soon be enforced, even though we are expected to be able to start working so that when this new structure is enforced we can already go straight, "added Rudiyanto.

In the last three years, BKI has done a lot of internal improvements to improve organizational quality, process management, and performance of BKI. One of them is by building the application of Electronic Resources Planning SAP Hana for ease of planning, utilization, management, and control of resources owned by the company. The application developed in collaboration with PT Telkom, Tbk has been officially "go live" and can be implemented since January 16, 2017.

In the field of human resources, BKI Management has also initiated the establishment of BKI Academy, which is internally designated as a center of education and training of human resources of BKI directed, structured and tiered, and externally intended to be a center of education and technical training in the field of maritime industry and regulations related international standard.

Before being appointed as Director of Development Resources Saifuddin Wijaya who is familiarly called Wiwied has served as Corporate Secretary of BKI since 2013. The man who was born in Surabaya 54 years ago was a career in BKI since 1988 and mainly acting in the head office and had headed the fields and divisions associated with information technology, quality management system, corporate planning, research and development.

Meanwhile Mohamad Cholil was appointed as Director of Operations as Head of Main Branch of Klas BKI Samarinda. The 58-year-old Pacitan-born man spent more of his career in the production unit as head of BKI's branch office, among others in Samarinda, Jakarta, Singapore, Semarang, Surabaya and Dumai.

With the appointment of these two directors, the full composition of the Board of Directors of BKI is as follows: President Director Rudiyanto, Operations Director Mohamad Cholil, Director of Resources Development Saifuddin Wijaya, and Director of Finance and Administration Timbul Tambunan. **