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Study on The Analysis of Rouge Waves in Indonesian WaterwaysThe ship structural and operational safety aspect have to fullfill in order to make zero tolerance accident on Indonesian maritime transport system. Based on the storm model, the rough wave occurs in Indonesian waterways is examined. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) hind-cast data are used for the reference of oceanograhy data. The rough wave for target points in Indonesian waterways are generated based on Hw history of reference data and rough wave condition are identified by using modified equivalent triangular storm. 2016Download
A Comparison of Three Different Water Areas and Its Influence for Development of Rules RegulationIn this study, the definition of Indonesian waterways was proposed based on meto-ocean characteristic and its zones. The possibilities of rules developments are also shown2016Download
Storm Model Application at Indonesian Tropical OceanThis paper presents an analysis of wave history on the chosen tropical ocean by using the storm model. The analysis of storm duration and its changing nature is examined. The storms configuration, the number of storm classes, and the changing nature of amplitude wave block in each storm class are determined based on these wave histories. 2017Download
Convertion of Dual Fuel Opportunities in Indonesia WaterwaysIndonesian shipping generally used heavy fuel oil (HFO) or marine diesel oil (MDO) as diesel engine fuel. This paper analyzes dual fuel conversion in container ship 368TEU. 2017Download
DEVELOPMENT OF RULES-REGULATIONS FOR SHIP INTENDED TO SAIL IN DOMESTIC INDONESIAN WATERWAYS: Effect of Storm modelthe zonation system of Indonesian water from the basis of oceanographic history will be introduced and be proposed to replace the common service area that is used by Indonesian Administrator and their recognized organization. This study is conducted to have comparison of storm history in the two different area with the equator line basis position. The study was analyzed the storm in the sub tropical area and that of sub – tropical area. The sub-tropical area is represented from North Atlantic and North Pacific Ocean, where the tropical area is presented with Indonesian waterways and near territory waters. In this paper, effect of comparison study of storm in Indonesian water in term of proposed zonation system will be discussed. The possibility of strengthen of zonation system from storm study are examined.2017Download
Propulsion Journal4th Edition2017Download
Propulsion Journal3th Edition2016Download
Propulsion Journal2nd Edition2015Download
Propulsion Journal1st Edition2014Download
INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE WORK TO IMPROVE RESEARCH QUALITY AND ENHANCE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT A large scale joint research project is underway, with the aim of improving the efficiency of ship operations by providing a methodology and technology that can accurately quantify the emission and fuel usage penalty due to biofouling of the hull. The research involves six different institutions from four countries (Australia, Denmark, Indonesia, and UK) bringing together universities, a passenger ship company, a manufacturer of anti-fouling coatings, and the Indonesian Classification Society. Here the importance of individual role and contributions from each institution are discussed. The six participants in general represent academic, industrial, and an independent party that promote of safety of life, property and the environment as well as to support policy makers, each with different objectives and interests that are interconnected. This paper will explains the importance of collaboration and satisfying individual objectives from each field in order to achieve the collaborative overarching aim2016Download
NUMERICAL EVALUATION OF SHEAR STRESS DISTRIBUTION ON SHIP CROSS SECTION Part 2This study extending basic idea for numerical procedure of normal stress distribution in Part-1 study, and that not about understanding the theory behind stresses caused by wave bending nor about deriving complicated equation for warping stress, but it will introduce more practical solution with a detailed step-by-step for evaluating the shear stress distribution on ship cross section.2015Download
NUMERICAL EVALUATION OF NORMAL STRESS DISTRIBUTION ON SHIP CROSS SECTION – Part 1 This study presented for generation normal stress distribution (σL) on ship cross section using prismatic beam analysis with various loading condition of Vertical Still Water Bending Moment (MSW), Vertical Wave Bending Moment (MWV), Horizontal Wave Bending Moment (MWH), and Wave Torsional Moment (MSW). Calculation of normal stress distribution presented by a detailed step-by-step numerical procedure for evaluating the normal stress of ship cross section. The comparison result shows virtually no difference between the calculated values and commercial software. 2015Download
INTEGRATED SOFTWARE APPLICATION FOR E-APPROVAL OF SHIP & OFFSHORE CLASSIFICATIONDEWARUCI software was developed by BKI-R&D and introduced as an electronic-based plan approval in order to overcome those challenges. The electronic plan approval processes through Dewaruci indicates process time shortened compared with the conventional means, thus make it more effective and efficient. To support the system, Dewaruci is equipped with a set of technical calculation application system and proved to be able to integrate data amongst clients (i.e. between field surveyor and technical surveyor) as well as between client and DCC server (Dewaruci Control Centre). Moreover, Dewaruci provides verification and validation of the data from the client’s computer. Further these data will be collected and used as a data bank in the DCC server.2015Download