IDSurvey and Volunteer Bakti BUMN are collaborating to increase the digital literacy of the community in the Sukarame Tourism Village. IDSurvey was appointed by the Ministry of BUMN as the organizer of batch IV BUMN Volunteer Service activities in the Pandeglang Banten Region. Together with 10 volunteers, IDSurvey provided several laptops to SDN Sukarame 2, taught the use of the PaDi UMKM application to local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and provided training to the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) regarding digital tourism promotion on social media.

"The series of activities that will be carried out have been prepared based on the results of mapping the needs of the local community so that they can experience the benefits directly, such as education to MSMEs, providing laptop assistance, and coral reef transplantation activities," said the Director of Finance, Administration and Risk Management of PT Indonesian Classification Bureau ( Persero) Sinung Triwulandari, via press release, Friday (18/3/2023).

The presence of IDSurvey, which is a holding of 3 state-owned entities, PT Bureau Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero), PT Sucofindo, and PT Surveyor Indonesia in Pandeglang is not the first time. In 2022, IDSurvey carried out coral reef transplantation activities in an effort to cultivate anemones and nemo fish. IDSurvey's presence in the Tourism Village this time is also to contribute to the field of education and improving MSMEs in Sukarame Village, which is nominated for the 50 best tourist villages for rising Indonesian tourism in 2021. Volunteers from various BUMNs on this occasion will teach how to use the PaDi MSME application to the people who run MSMEs in Sukarame Village so that they are able to expand their market share and increase sales digitally.

"Volunteers also teach how to create interesting content to sell digitally," said Director of Finance and Risk Management Sucofindo Budi Hartanto. Indonesian Surveyor Finance and Risk Management Director Rosmanidar Zulkifli added, to increase the digital literacy of the Sukarame Village community, laptop assistance was also provided from IDSurvey through the Lakoling (Mobile Computer Laboratory) program. It is hoped that this assistance can support the teaching and learning process and improve the quality of education at SDN Sukarame 2.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sukarame Village, Endang Tresnajaya, appreciated the presence of volunteers in his area, especially involving Pokdarwis to encourage digital tourism. "This is certainly a big capital for us to move forward and hopefully this will continue in the future," he said.