The tanker Mangun Jaya collided with passenger ferry KMP Victorious V off Cilegon oil terminals, Indonesia. The both ships dragged anchors and collided in Sunda Strait, being stuck together in a shallow. The accident happened in very bad weather and strong winds, which caused collision with anchors down. The local authorities dispatched tug at the scene of the accident, which tried to refloat the both ships, but attempt failed due to split anchor chains. The both ships remain afloat, but rescue team evacuated part of the crew for safety reasons. The authorities ordered bigger tug to refloat the stuck ships and salvage operation is planned to later today.

The accident with tanker Mangun Jaya and ferry KMP Victorious V happened in bad weather and stormy conditions. The both ships suffered damages from collision and breached in the hulls from grounding with water ingress, but remained afloat. According to preliminary information, there are no injured seamen during the accident and no water pollution, but oil collection boat was dispatched at the scene of grounding in case of oil spill. The salvage and investigation is under way.

“In last three days there were really high waves and weather was bad, which caused several shipping accident off Merak. In fact, some ships were not able to reach the jetty, because of the strong sea currents in Merak. Indeed, the current weather conditions in Merak are less friendly”, said the Supervisor of Port Traffic Control, Banten Raya. “The information about the accident came to us, but we are coordinating out salvage operation with Ship Traffic Control”, he added.  

The tanker Mangun Jaya (IMO: 8211277) has overall length of 90.00 m, moulded beam of 15.00 m and maximum draft of 4.00 m. The deadweight of the vessel is 4,222 DWt and the gross tonnage is 2,621 GRT. The ship was built in 1987 by Intan Sengkunyit in their shipyard in Palembang, Indonesia and operated by local company Pertamina. During the accident the ship was under ballast on the anchorage off Cilegon oil terminals, waiting to be loaded.

The passenger ferry KMP Victorious V was empty during the collision, without any of the crew injured.