BKI – The Jakarta Chamber of Commerce visited PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) / BKI on Tuesday (19/1). It is in order to improve cooperation between Kadin Jakarta and BKI. During visit to BKI, The Jakarta Chamber of Commerce represented by the Vice Chairman of the Transportation-Logistics and Ports, Erwin Typhoon, and Vice Chairman of the Division of Industry, Rainer Prakuso Tobing, and their official, was welcomed by the Director of BKI, Rudiyanto and BKI official

"Their visiting  associate with follow-up focus group discussion (FGD) that held at the Ministry of Industry in December 2015 and then the concrete is the increased ability of stakeholders in the chambers of commerce in support of ship component industrial development," said Corporate Secretary Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia, Saifuddin Wijaya , in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/1).

He added that BKI is ready to support and to update the advice to stakeholders, especially to prepare the requirements of the product to be installed on board through the process of assessment and certification by BKI.

"Looking forward, cooperation relations between stakeholders and BKI (as a certification society) more increasing in order to improve local contains", he concluded.