BKI - PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) / BKI took part in the Forum "Preparation Roadmap Utilization of LNG For Sea Trasnportation Fuel" held by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources at the Hotel Holiday Inn, Bandung, Friday (22/1). This forum presents various stakeholders of the maritime sector and oil and gas, not only from the Regulator, Academia, Research Institute, but also BUMN (State-Owned Enterprises/SOEs). The event was opened by the Director General of Oil and Gas, IGN Wiratmadja. On that occasion he had big hopes that the conversion of gas in the maritime sector to be successful similiar to the conversion of LPG in the household sector. This is a good case for BKI.

BKI contribute as a member of task force team 'Utilization of LNG for Sea Transport' in this case and has been become a coordinator to analyze the regulation of LNG utilization of program supporting for sea transport.

President Director of BKI, Rudiyanto, explained how the use of LNG/Liquid Natural Gas in Maritime Sector. LNG has advantages such as having economic potential and cheaper if compared with fossil fuels when used as fuel for vessels, "LNG meet most of the requirements of emission control area (ECA), the technology used is proven and already widely used, and have flexibility in it bunkering ".

He added that currently 70 ships with gas as fuel have been operating and four of ships are conversion. There are no reports of the operating vessels such as failured of system and made loss of life or damage to the vessels. Becuase, all of the ships always comply with the safety rules.

Furthermore, in the terms of the use of gas on board, according to the Division of Research and Development of BKI, Eko Maja Priyanto, BKI has been had a Guidelines. The Guidelines refer to the technical standards of the IGF Code/International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or Low flashpoint of Fuels. The Guidelines has already included a requirement that consideration of the risk of explosion, the propulsion system considerations, operational considerations, machinical considerations. And then, these guidelines has already accommodated the operational safety aspects such as the charging process of LNG on ships.

In the development of supporting device, BKI also build energy efficiency calculation software for ships, for the newbuildings (EEDI) and the ships after operation (EEOI). It  has also been designed to calculate energy efficiency for ships that use gas as fuel either Single or Dual Fuel Fuel. The name of Software is GreenPADMA.

The ships gas as fuel projects that it has been involving BKI is new building projects “PLN CNG Carrier” and also “Ferrindo-5” belongs to ASDP, which is planned to be converted in 2016.

Development of competence in the field of ship gas as fuel, BKI has been holding several stakeholders to join for studying and technical counseling, such as Pertamina, PGN, Pelni, Director General of Oil and Gas - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Furthermore, BKI has also been cooperating to transfer of knowledge in the form of a seminar with Engine Maker : Wärtsilä and also from KAIST (Korea).