In the workshop which was hosted by Directorate General of Sea Transportation and intended as preparation prior to at IMO Sub Committee Pollution Prevention meeting 3rd session, BKI Personnel acted as resource persons. The workshop was held from 3 – 5 February 2016 at Hotel Arnava Bogor as a series of events for the IMO Meeting in London, in which BKI will act as member of Indonesian delegation.

The workshop was opened by Director of Marine Safety Ir. Sugeng Wibowo, MM and also attended by delegates from the the Directorat General of Sea Transportation Head Office, Harbour Master Office, Classification Societies, related ministries and other relevant bodies (eg: INSA and GAPASDAP).

This was the first time the event held as workshop, which is hoped that it might take into account the aspiration of varied stakeholders, from regulators point of view, the supervision bodies and the shipowners / other interested parties (lab, manufacturer, etc.). PPR 3 agenda focuses more on the issues of amendments to MARPOL Annex I, MARPOL Annex II (includes IBC Code revision), MARPOL Annex VI, BWM and IACS UI. Whereas, details of the agenda can be downloaded through BKI Website

BKI in given the chance at the workshop as speakers to give overview on the item agenda to be discussed at PPR-3, namely by Aditya T.P. and Eko Maja Priyanto. BKI team delivered its presentation as follows :

1.Global overview on the issues at PPR-3
2.BKI readiness on its rules/guidelines on facing recent challenges (eg: IBC Code)
3.Enhancement of understanding to BWM Convention

After the presentation, the event then continues on dividing the member on two separate working group (FGD: Focus Group Discussion) to further discusses issues in details and also to formulates inputs for the delegation of Republic of Indonesia. From the ongoing discussion at presentation and FGD, it has shown the high interest on marine protection and its compliance.

Finally, after following the meetings at IMO, BKI will then fulfill its duties on informing to all its stakeholders, with the current updates of relevant issues that has been discussed, to then be complied in BKI Technical Information and be uploaded to the website. Subsequently, all stakeholders and interested parties wishes to know the current development of pollution prevention at sea will be informed. Therefore, the intention to provide pollution prevention measures at sea can be accomplished and complied. This can be obtained through relevant regulation issued by the Administration, readiness of shipowners / other interested parties to the roles of field supervision, either as Flag State or Port State.