Indonesian Central Board Ships Owner Association ( INSA ) Board of Directors held a meeting with ICC in the DPP 's office INSA Tanah Abang , Jakarta on February 19, 2013 .

The event was opened by the Chairman of the DPP INSA Hartoto Carmelita was attended by the Central Board , Executive Branch , and members from all over Indonesia INSA is in addition aims to introduce the new ICC and the Board of Directors will also be a direct communication between the INSA member Board of Directors and Senior Officers BKI present .

In his speech INSA Chairman reiterated the support and hope to the ICC is primarily concerned with improving the quality of service and a member of IACS BKI efforts . " INSA ICC supports efforts to become a member of IACS . In line with the ICC needs to continue to improve the quality of service to match the IACS members in Indonesia , " said Carmelita .

Director of BKI Rudiyanto in his speech said that the ICC welcomed the support given by INSA and will always strive to improve the quality of service in order to meet the expectations of service users and partners . " We are grateful to INSA who always gave support to the ICC , the expectations of the members of INSA so BKI continuously improve themselves to our attention , it requires a process and we were doing , " said ICC CEO .

The event was attended by the Director of BKI Rudiyanto , Director Classification Faith Satria Utama , and Finance Director Arise Tambunan , as well as the Senior Officials ICC associated with the classification field is also filled with question and answer session to provide an opportunity INSA members who come from all over Indonesia submitted suggestion or complaint related to BKI services .

Former DPP Chairman Surya INSA Oentoro questioning the ICC received the delegation stressed the need for the full statutory assignment of the Government of Indonesia " The ICC should get the full statutory delegation of the Government , it needs if it is to be a member of IACS , because all IACS members get full trust government , " said Oentoro .

More than a hundred members of INSA attended the event which took place in such an intimate setting . At the end of the event BKI Saifuddin Wijaya Corporate Secretary expressed hope that the event could be held a similar gathering in BKI . " We look forward to the next on an event like this can be held at the ICC , so that fathers and mothers may be more familiar as BKI BKI is also belongs to all members of INSA , " said Sekper BKI . **