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Technical Paper

Indonesian Seastate Condition and Its Wave Scatter Map

Tahun 2018
Global Wave statistics (GWS) that is commonly used as references for the ocean environmental source requires wave scatter diagram as data sources. Within GWS, 104 areas in the world are covered, and each area has its wave scatter data. The wave scatter data could present the properties of significant wave height at the corresponding area, such as the maximum sea state condition, long-term probability, mean cross period, and wave spectrum specification. Generally, GWS covers the ocean around the world, however, there are some areas that are cover on the map. The example of uncovered area is Indonesian waterways. In order to give additional information of ocean environmental condition for the blank spot area, it is needed to develop the Indonesian wave scatter map/diagram. In this report, the Indonesian wave scatter map/diagram is developed based on the hind cast data that is collected from spatial area covered from 75E to 165E and 15N to 15S. The European Center for Medium range weather forecasts (ECMWF) are chosen to provide the source data of significant wave height, mean period and wave direction. The time history of significant wave height, mean period and wave direction are compiled, assembled and analyzed to provide the advanced information of Indonesian waterways characteristics. The statistical characteristics of the data is also examined and discussed

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