Service supplier approval is to assess and approve a service supplier, to ensure the supplier has enough capability to evaluate that the products have such quality as required by Rules for the Classification and Construction of Seagoing Ships and other rules of BKI.
The following are the kind of services whose service suppliers are required to have an approval certificate before they can be allowed to do their services on the BKI class ship:

  1. Statutory services :
    1. Service of inflatable liferafts, inflatable lifejackets, hydrostatic release units, inflatable rescue boats, marine evacuation systems.
    2. Service and testing of radio communication equipment on ships.
    3. Inspectionsand maintenance of self contained breathing apparatus.
    4. Performancetests of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs).
    5. Soundpressure level measurements of public address and general alarm systems on board ships.
    6. Inspectionsof low location lighting systems using photo luminescent materials and evacuation guidance systems used as an alternative to low-location lighting systems.
    7. Service and maintenance of lifeboats, launching appliances, on-load release gear and davit-launched liferaft automatic release hooks.
    8. Inspection, performance testing and maintenance of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS).
  1. Classification and/orstatutory services:
    1. Thickness measurement on ships.
    2. In-water survey of ships and mobile offshore units.
    3. Servicesof fire fighting equipment and systems.
    4. Tightnesstesting of closing appliances such as hatches, doors etc. with ultrasonic equipment.
    5. Measurementsof noise level on board ships.
    6. Examinationof Ro-Ro ship’s bow, stern, side and inner doors.
    7. Testingof coating systems in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.215(82), as amended, and IACS UI SC223 and/or MSC.288(87), as amended.
    8. Tightnesstesting of primary and secondary barriers of gas carriers with membrane cargo containment systems for vessels in service.

Documents to be prepared and submitted to BKI for the purpose of obtaining approval are as follows:

  1. Outline of the firms intended to be approved (location, history, organization diagram, number of employees, main services and their actual records, etc.)
  2. List of equipment used for the services
  3. List of personnel (operators and supervisor) documenting name, qualifications, training and experience within the relevant service area, and training programmers for operators
  4. Quality manual and its supplementary documents, or documented procedures (work procedures, verification procedures, recording and reporting procedures, training procedures, control procedures of measuring equipment, etc.)
  5. Checklists of the relevant services and reporting formats to BKI
  6. Copies of approval certificates issued by competent organizations or other classification societies, if any

The procedure for obtaining the approval certificate is as follows:

  1. Submit the application form and required documents
  2. Documents examination
  3. Company assessment and demonstration on board
  4. Issuance of approval certificate

Send the application form and required documents to or BKI branch office.
A more detailed description of the manufacturer's approval can be seen and read in the Rules for Approval of Manufacturers and Service Suppliers (Part 1, Vol. XI). The Rules can be downloaded for free from BKI website.

Application form :
Application form for Service Supplier