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Technical Paper


Tahun 2018
As part of structure which hold propeller shaft in extended open shaft system, shaft bracket become crucial piece in strength of propulsion system. It shall be capable to withstand against static load and some of dynamic loads as rotatory shaft. Classification Societies rules have been set up the minimum requirement relating to its dimension, e.g. thickness and cross sectional area. However, the requirement by each class society, in practical, provides a different level of safety. This case would be an important issue for designer to determine standard of the strength for new building, not limited for existing ship which intended to proceed transfer of class. Hence, further study to figure out the actual minimum requirement need to be established. This paper is discussed about 2 analysis methods that may be used to assess shaft bracket scantling as alternative tachnique in lieu of prescriptive formulae by class society. Seizing method is applied by considering the load due to shaft misalignment. While loss blade simulates damage condition of the system. Both methods are principally capable to represent primary load component experienced by shaft while on duty and also used by class society for developing their prescriptive requirement. In the interest of proving it, the formula derivation in accordance with loading condition has been generated, then verified by Finite Element Method (FEM). The result shows that there are number of assumptions which are used by class society relating to loading condition, boundary condition, shape and cross sectional area, length of bracket as well as the permissible stress.

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