Class Suspend

BKI will revoke or cancel a class if there is any of the following cases:

   ●   At the request of the owner.
   ●   If the things that cause suspended ship class is not implemented within the time specified, the class will ship plucked.
   ●   Class ships will be revoked immediately if the ship sailed without implementing the recommendations required before leaving the port.
   ●   When class has been suspended for six (6) months for exceeding the maturity of the Annual Survey, Reuters, Updates or other surveys required to maintain class or recommendations beyond the maturity of the ship class will be revoked. Longer suspension can be given for boats tethered, which is awaiting a report on the accident or is being examined in the context of reception class again.
   ●   When the hull, equipment or machinery installation (including electrical installations) were severely damaged or under other conditions (eg, drowning, scrapping, etc.), so it is not possible to ship operations.