GCG commitment implementation is the absolutely for PT. BKI (Persero). It was implemented trough strengthening of existing infrastructure and continuity improve the system and procedure to supportthe efectivity of GCG implementation in PT. BKI (Persero).

To realize the growing and competitive company, PT. BKI already developt the system and structure of Good Coorporate Governance by observing the principles of GCG based on the rules, regulation and nad best prastice that applicable.

GCG implementation is the continuity of Ministri Decision No> 117/M-MBU/2002 date on July, 31st 2002 are then updated with the SEO Minister of State Regulation No. PER 01/MBU/2011 date on Agust, 1st 2011 about The implementation of Good Governance in SEO, that states are "SEO obliged to implement the company operation based on the principes of GCG that is Transparation, Accountability, Responsibility, Independency and reasonabless".

The spirits that contain on the implementation of GCG in PT. BKI is the intention and determination of BKI management to make BKI be a compnay that continues to grow and evolve by Product quality and good working process, and have Code of Conduct, include responsible to the evirontment.

Aim of GCG implentation in BKI are as folows:

  1. Controlling and directing the relation between the organs of Company (Stakeholder, Broad of Commisioner and Direction), employee, constumers, partners, society and environtment running good and the neccesary of all parties are fulfilled.
  2. Encourage and support development of BKI.
  3. Manage the resource trustfully.
  4. Manage the risk better.
  5. Increase the responsible to Shareholder.
  6. Meningkatkan pertanggungjawaban kepada stakeholders.
  7. Prevent the irregularities in the management of BKI.
  8. Improve the work culture in the managenet of BKI.
  9. Enchance the image of BKI to be better.


To realize it, BKI had the fully commitment and consistently enforce the implementation of GCG that refers to some formal rules that became the basis of BKI in the implementation of CGC, as follows:

  1. Law No. 19 of 2003 on SEO (Article 5, Pragraph 3)
  2. Ministry of State Enterprises No. PER-01/MBU/2011 on the implementation of Good Corporate Governance on State-Owned Enterprises and amandements of Ministerial Regulation No. PER-09/MBU/2012 date on July 6th, 2012.
  3. Decision of Ministry of State-Owned Enteprises Secretary No. SK-16/S.MBU/2012 date on June 6th, 2012 on Indicator/Assessement Parameter and the Evaluation of Good Corporate Governance on State Enterprises-Owned.
  4. Law No. 1 on 1995 about Incorporated Company that amanded by Law No. 40 on 2007 date on August 16th, 2007.
  5. Mutual commitment with Broad of Commisioner and Director on the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Code of Conduct in PT. BKI (Persero).


GCG principals according to PER-01/MBU/2011 date on Augst 1st, 2011 on the implementation of Good Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises, include:

  1. Transparency, its transperency in the implementation of decision making process and transperency in disclosing the material information and relevant with company;
  2. Accountability, its clarity of function, implementation and organ accountability so the corporate governance run effectifely;
  3. Responsibility, its the appropriate in the company governance of the legalisation of laws and the principals of healthy corporate;
  4. Independency, its the condition where the company is professionaly managed without conflict of interset and influence/pressure from any party that inaccordance with the rules of law and the priciples of healthy corporate;
  5. Fairness, its the justice and equality in the Rights fulfillment of Stakeholders that came based on the agreements and rules legislation.


BKI set the direction of GCG implementation in Roadmap of GCG (Board Manual) that expected to became the guidance in the implementation of GCG at all levels. Roadmap of GCG is directed to set GCG as the base for every operational activities. The goals of GCG Roadmaps is to realize BKI as Good Corporate Citizen. The expectation of the achieving the goal, BKI is optimistic to increase and maintain the performance cotinously.

The Goals:

GCG Good Coorporate Company Good Coorperate Citizen
Complete the provision and rules ion Corporate Governance. Controlling bussiness operation especially bussiness risk operation effectively. Became the maritime industri or ethnical and responsible society.

Broad Manual of GCG (Good Cooprporate Governance) can be found here.