To realize such commitment, BKI has a Corporate Business Culture that is applied to all levels of the organization. BKI Business Culture is described as a sturdy building consisting of a foundation, pillars and a roof with the following explanation:

  • The foundation is interpreted as the main values that must be possessed by every BKI Individual, namely KOMPAK (KOLABORASI, KOMPETENSI, PEDULI PELANGGAN, AMANAH, KREATIF / COLLABORATION, COMPETENCE, CUSTOMER CARE, AMANAH, CREATIVE). KOMPAK (Cohesive of) BKI Individuals are a reflection of the solidity of BKI Individuals as the mental attitude that underlies how to think and behave BKI Individuals in working and working for the progress of the Company.
  • Pillars are defined as the characteristics of services produced by BKI Individuals, which must have NILAI TAMBAH, INOVATIF, CEPAT, EFISIEN / ADDITIONAL VALUES, INNOVATIVE, FAST, EFFICIENT (NICE) supported by a reliable management system.
  • The roof is interpreted as a commitment of BKI to become a BERKELANJUTAN, TERPERCAYA, BEREPUTASI / SUSTAINABLE, RELIABLE, REPUTED (JUARA) Company realized by the NICE services produced by KOMPAK BKI Individuals