As stated in the Circular Letter of the Minister of SOEs Number SE-7/MBU/07/2020 dated 1 July 2020, all SOEs, including BKI, are now required to implement the AKHLAK core values. AKHLAK stands for Amanah, Kompeten, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, and Collaborative, where each value elaborates and is equipped with behavioral guidelines and a code of ethics or code of conduct to be applied.

BKI has made tactical adaptations so that the central values above can be applied properly in every business activity. The Company believes that by applying the AKHLAK values fully and consistently, the Company can improve its performance and competitiveness so that in the long run it can make a greater contribution to the Indonesian economy and be able to become an international class survey service company.

Explanation of Main Values AKHLAK (Amanah, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive).