R. Harry Hikmat - President Commissioner

R. Harry Hikmat (Born in Denpasar, July 9th 1963) was a bachelor in Statistics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Bogor Institute of Agriculture in 1987 with an Engineer (Ir.) title. He graduated the Magister (MSi.) Degree in Social Welfare at the University of Indonesia in 1996 and obtained a Doctorate degree in Social Sciences at Padjadjaran University in 2003. Harry Hikmat also actively teaches at universities such as Sekolah Tinggi Kesejahteraan Sosial (STKS) Bandung as well as the University of Indonesia as an Extraordinary Lecturer at Postgraduate Program of Social Development Management, Sociology and Political Science and Social Welfare Department. Harry Hikmat currently serves as Director General of Protection and Social Security at the Ministry of Social Affairs and has since 2018 joined BKI as Commissioner.

  M. Amperawan - Commissioner

M. Amperawan (Born in Tanjung Karang, May 31, 1966) was a Bachelor of Management from University of Krisnadwipayana and obtained his Master of Administration and Public Policy from University of Indonesia in 2002. He is acting as the Expert Staff for Economic Affairs and People's Welfare of Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia and joined with BKI as Commisioner since 2018.

  Indra Iskandar - Commissioner

Indra Iskandar (Born in Jakarta, November 14, 1966) is a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the National Institute of Science and Technology in 1994 and obtained a master's degree in the Postgraduate Program in Administrative Sciences in 2005. He completed his doctoral education in the field of Business Management Science at the Business School, Bogor Agricultural University. (IPB). His current position is as Secretary General of the DPR RI since 2018 and has been a Commissioner at BKI since July 2021.

  Lathifah Shohib - Commissioner

Lathifah Shohib, served as Independent Commissioner of PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) according to the decision of the Minister of SOEs No: SK-227/MBU/10/2022 dated October 7, 2022. Born in Jombang, December 9, 1959, and domiciled in Malang. She has concurrent positions as Chairman of the Risk Monitoring & Corporate Governance Committee of PT BKI (Persero).
She completed his undergraduate education at IKIP Negeri Malang, Department of Counseling, Faculty of Education. She has served as a Lecturer at the Tarbiyah Faculty at the Islamic University of Malang / Unisma (1984-1986), Civil Servant Teacher Counselor at Wahid Hasyim High School Malang City (1986-2013), Member of the Indonesian Parliament from the PKB Parties Commission X (2014-2019) and Member of the DPR RI PKB Parties Commission X (2019-2020).