On December 12, 2002, IMO approved to SOLAS amandement to enhance ship security system and port facilities. The amandement is a new chapter of SOLAS XI-2 “Special Measure to Enhance Maritime Security”. IMO also approves application of International Ship Security and Port Facility Code (ISPS Code). Fulfillment part A from ISPS Code is mandatory for ship categorized into application scope as well as port facility serving port service to ship operating Internationally.


The objectives of ISPS Code are:

●   The establish international coorperation framework among Contracting Government, government bodies, local government, Shipping industry and port to detect  threat security and prevent security incident affecting to ship or port facility used for international trade.
●   To outline the role and responsibility each Contracting Government, government bodies, local government, Shipping industry and Port, both national and international level to secure maritime security.
●   To secure gathering and exchange of warn and efficient information security.
●   To provide a methodology evaluate for security used to make security plan and procedures for action against change in every level security; and
●   To secure self-confidence that maritime security act has been adequate and according  to its proportion.


ISPS Code is adopted internationally as of 1 july 2004 for :

●   Type of ships engaged international voyage, include passenger ship, including high speed passenger crafts, Cargo Ships including High Speed Crafts 500 GT and above and Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU).
●   Port facility serving for ships engaged international voyage.


According with ISPS Code requirement, All ships subjected to this regulation shall establish Ship Security Management System already documented in manual Ship Security Plan (SSP) to ensure secure operation of the ship. Such requirement cover documenting Ship Security Assessment (SSA) & Ship Security Plan, Applying and maintaining the Secure Management System that will eventually verified by Government or a Recognized Organization (Recognized Security Organization / RSO) for issuance International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) after the fulfillment of all requirement of ISPS Code. ISPS Code Certificate validity period is five years. Ship failing fulfill with requirement of ISPS Code will have difficulty in their operation, especially international waters.


BKI as Recognized Security Organization (RSO) in the Indonesia Government has been appointed on behalf the government to implement approval, verification and issuing the interim/short term ISSC. While, permanent ISSC certificate will be issued by Government through Directorat General of Sea Transportation. Data on the company and ships already certified will be registered and published in the Register Book ISPS Code by BKI.


The procedure for obtaining certificate ISSC-ISPS Code is as follows:

●   Applicant submits an application form with attached manual Ship Security Plan (SSP), Ship Security Assessment ((SSA) and a copy Company Security Officer (CSO) / Ship Security Officer (SSO) certificate to BKI head office through Statutory Division or the nearst BKI branch office.
●   BKI give its to approval on SSP manual. If there is  insufficiency , manual will be return for corection.
●   If there SSP manual has been eligible, BKI will issue report SSP Conformance Documentand give it the stamp “Approval” on the front page and every page on SSP manual.
●   SSP manual that has been approved is returned to applicant to the ship in order to implement on board.
●   After being implemented for minimum three months, carried on Company submitted an application for initial verification on board to examine the fit between SSP manual implementation. To this end, BKI will assign competent auditor to verify Security Management System on board.
●   If eligible, BKI will issue Initial Verification Report and ISSC interm/short term which is valid for 5 months
●   For the issuance permanent ISSC government, BKI will take care of publishing after all discrepancies found during verification which has been repaired and reported to BKI.


After obtaining certificate ISSC, then the company and its ship shall maintain such certificate by submitting application for periodical verification with the following schedule:

●   Intermediate Verification with period between the submission of year two to years three of the certificate anniversary.
●   Renewal Verification in the years five to six month prior to submission of expiration of the certificate.


In addition, BKI is authorized to issue ISSC certificate interim is intended for ships with the following condition:

●   Ship that do not yet ISSC certificate.
●   Ship replace parent company, which previously had not operate the ship.
●   Ships change flag ship.


Requirement to obtain interim ISSC is:

●   Ship Security Assessment (SSA) has been performed documented for the relevant ship.
●   Ship Security Plan (SSP) has been prepared and approved by government / RSO appointed and being implemented.
●   The ship equipped with Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) accordance with its application.
●   Company Security Officer (CSO) to ensure SSP is applied on board, including the implementation of the security drill, training and internal audits.
●   Initial Verification plan implementation time.
●   The master and crew know their duties and responsibilities in term of ship security.
●   Ship Security Officer (SSO) in accordance with the requirement of the ISPS Code.


Interim ISSC valid period is six month and can not be extended.