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Technical Paper


Tahun 2019
The anchor’s weight and its chain length are determined based on the classification society rules by using the prescriptive formula. This prescriptive formula are considered the vessel’s principle dimension and assumed that the maximum current speed is 2.5 m/s, maximum wind speed is 25 m/s. It is assumed that those conditions occurred in the severe ocean location, it might be on the North Atlantic Ocean. This conditions may give substantial different if compare with the area that the vessels will be lay-off the anchoring equipment. Those area are specifically called as ‘port’s anchorage area’. Since that the assumed condition of applicable ocean condition of maximum current speed, maximum wind speed and maximum significant wave height are considered for determination of anchoring equipment, it is needed to investigate the special applicable ocean condition based on the port’s anchorage area. This work will investigate 16 location of port in the Indonesian territory. The three parameters of maximum current speed, maximum wind speed, and maximum significant wave height are collected from several zones, those are 5 nautical miles, 10 nautical miles and 15 nautical miles from the shore and the anchorage area of each chosen port. Moreover, the depth of each those zones are also identified. All parameters are analysed and the reference parameters that could be used to applicable on Indonesia’s port anchorage area will be introduced.

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