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Development of Freeboard Formula for Open Top Vessels in Indonesian Waterways

Tahun 2019
in this study, a minimum freeboard formula was developed based on seakeeping performance for opentop vessels. The open-top container vessel was selected as a subject ship. To obtain a simplified formula of minimum freeboard, the subject vessel is transformed to be 16 model series which were constrained by displacement and block coefficient. Seakeeping analysis was conducted to obtain the motion responses for the transformed models. Based on the results, the probability of green water (Ps) due to coupled heave and pitch motions and probability of capsize (Pc) due to roll motion can be predicted. ITTC spectrum was used as wave spectrum based on the Indonesian waters. It was observed that the values of Pc in various wave height were small and it confirmed that the situation of ship capsizes did not occur. The value of Ps up to wave height Hw = 7 m were small and the highest Ps in long-term statistics occurred at Hw = 3.5 m. From those probabilities, a formula of minimum freeboard was derived.

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