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An Introduction to BKI Rules for Indonesian Domestic Vessels: Electrical Installation

Tahun 2019
To sail at sea, a ship is required to ensure its seaworthiness. This requirement must be met by compliance to safety regulation that is enforced by a classification society and the Administration. However, based on data from Ministry of Transportation, there are 25.559 ships operating in Indonesian waters bearing Indonesian flag and from that amount only approximately 47% of them are classified by classification society. Those ships are not classed because they cannot comply with class’s requirements since those requirements are designed to be applied by sea-going ships while those ships only operate domestically on Indonesian waters. As a national classification society, Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia has a very important role to ensure the safety of domestic ships by developing rules for ships that covers Indonesian waters only. The domestic rules which have been developed consists of 5 (five) parts that is rules for construction/hull, rules for classification and survey, rules for machinery installation, rules for electrical installation and rules for material. This paper will present the requirements for electrical installation for ships which operates on Indonesian waters.

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