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Causative Factor Analysis of Passenger Ship Accident (Fire/Explosion) in Indonesia

Tahun 2020
Number of ship accidents in Indonesia in these two years has been increasing from 355 cases in 2018 to 409 cases in 2019. It means that, 31-32 accident occurred each month or at least 1 ship accident every day along 2018 to 2019. Among all the accidents, Passenger ship (including Passenger ship/Ferry, Ferry Ro-Ro, and High Speed Craft for Passenger) is the most common ship type with percentage up to 30% with 210 people dead/missed and 775 people wounded. It is important to look further how the passenger ship accident happen to understand what are the causative factors contributing to the accidents. National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) in Indonesia investigated some accidents then published the report to their website and it can be re-analysed to get the causative factors. Investigation reports from NTSC provide fire/explosion cases more than other nature of accident. Thus, in this paper, the analysis focuses on the fire/explosion accidents of Passenger Ship that began in car deck. The causative factors are found using new development of MOP Model that classifying failures into 4 M (Man, Machine, Media, Management) and several categories and sub categories