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The Opportunities of Aquaculture farming and its supporting industry in Indonesia

Tahun 2021
Aquaculture or also known as fish farming is a form of maintaining and breeding various kinds of aquatic animals or plants that use water as their main component. Common activities include the cultivation of fish, shrimp, oysters, and seaweed (algae). Based on data from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in 2019, Indonesian aquaculture production reached 24 million tons consisting of 8 million tons of fish and 16 million tons of seaweed. This amount is almost 3 times greater than the production of captured fish. Indonesian aquaculture production can soar up to 105 million tons/year or US$202.5 billion for state treasury income (equivalent to the 2016 state budget) or even 3 times China's current production. For this reason, the term The Sleeping Economy Giant is very appropriate to describe the aquaculture industry in Indonesia. In the future, development in this sector can have a significant impact on the prosperity of coastal and rural communities throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia (prosperity belt), where people with middle to lower economies are the main players in this aquaculture industry. BKI fully concern about this opportunity and the obstacles to develop aquaculture industry with developing guidelines for aquaculture.