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Causative Analysis for a Sunk Ferry Ro-Ro In Indonesia: Seakeeping, Wave Height and Lashing Correlation

Tahun 2021
In this research, one sunk case is reanalysed based on official investigation report from Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee. At first, causative factors contributing to the accident are identified utilizing MOP Model. Second, the technical analysis is carried out to support the previous qualitative analysis by MOP Model, such as Seakeeping and minimum angle analysis for vehicle being slide on car deck. The analysis result shows that the minimum angle causing the vehicle being slide on vehicle deck is 20 degrees for unlashed vehicle. That angle number is reached when the ship was hit by wave height of 3 m, which was the wave height at the time of the accident with several additional condition that is discussed in this paper. The aim of this research is finding any correlation between seakeeping, wave height, and unlashed vehicle on Ferry Roro safety that happen in the case study