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BKI work in research, developing rules and regulation for both of classification and industrial sector, in order to maintain the quality of our services. Providing the integrated system, and introduce our service-on-hand to our customers by developing several technical software to give excellent services in this digital era.

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On Progress Working Group

Technical rules is one of the products of BKI's Research and Development Division that serves as technical reference for survey and plan approval. These rules are developed in regard to technological advancement and customer's needs. Development is done using references such as IACS resolution, international standards and BKI's research results.

Working group is formed to do the rules development, which can take the form of updating or new rules development. Over the course of 2020, the following rules are developed:

  1. 1. Guidelines for Floating Production Installations (Pt.5 Vol.3)
  2. 2. Guidelines for Floating Offshore Liquified Gas Terminal, (Pt.5 Vol.2)
  3. 3. Guidelines for Maintenance of Safety Equipment
  4. 4. Peraturan Kapal Domestik (Pt.8 Vol.I)
  5. 5. Rules for Electrical Installations (Pt. 1 Vol. IV)
  6. 6. Rules for Ship Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (Pt.1, Vol. IX)
  7. 7. Rules for Classification & Surveys (Pt.1 Vol.I)
  8. 8. Rules for Bulk Carrier and Oil Tanker (Pt.1 Vol XVII)
On Progress Research

Periodically, Research and Development Division conducts studies to support the rules / regulations development and provide technical support for engineering problems found in field. Research may be carried out independently or collaboratively by cooperating with external parties such as national research body, universities and maritime industries. Research themes may be expanded in accordance with the latest developments of science and technology and also the needs of market. As part of the validation, each research will be presented in a national / international conference.

Currently, Research and Development Division is conducting several research activities including:

  1. 1. Corrosion analysis of barge / pontoon under BKI class
  2. 2. Development of intact and damage stability criteria for domestic vessels which covers:
    1. - Applicability of the 2nd generation intact stability criteria for vessels operating in Indonesian waterway
    2. - Review on operational safety of the ro-ro ferry
  3. 3. Research and development of classification / certification guideline for ships with non-metal materials
  4. 4. Utilization of abandoned offshore platform after operation
  5. 5. Development of cybersecurity regulations for Indonesian flagged vessels
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Joint Research With Other Institution