Jakarta - The Ministry of SOEs launched the BUMN Millennial Innovation Summit as a breakthrough in strengthening the innovation ecosystem in each SOE. The contribution of SOE Millennials as an agent of changes supports the new spirit of the Ministry of SOE's: #BUMN for Indonesia.


The Millennial Innovation Summit (MIS) 2020 launched by a Kick Off Meeting which held virtually on last Monday (20/04). It was attended by 370 millennials from all SOEs and had points of directions from the SOE Minister Special Staff Arya Sinulingga and the Chair of the Indonesian Human Capital Forum Herdy Harman Rosadi.


There are three categories of innovations to be contested: the business strategy, technology breakthrough and social innovation categories. SOEs Millennial is expected to be a strategist, maker, and enabler of the three competed categories. During the three-months selection phase that will run, it is expected having more than 2200 new innovations will be born from these three categories.


The program which is participated by all SOEs will become a routine program every year of the Ministry of SOEs. It is expected that in the future there will be an even distribution of innovation climate as a work culture in SOEs which will accelerate the transformation program in companies that together bring Indonesia forward.