Salvors have successfully refloated the Panamanian-flagged containership Hanjin Aqua that ran aground off Sangiang Island, Indonesia on December 4, according to Hanjin Shipping. 

The vessel was refloated on January 6, 2016, over a month after its grounding. 

It is planned that Hanjin Aqua will sail to Singapore where it will discharge the containers on January 20, 2016. 

Previous attempts to self-float the boxship were unsuccessful as the ship was unable to pull free from the rocky shallows it got stuck in. 

Hanjin Aqua ran aground while sailing to Jakarta from Port Adelaide, at Sunda Strait, damaging its hull and breaching some of its ballast compartments. 

The ship is reported to be carrying 2,303 TEU of cargo including hazardous waste. 



Image: Barry Graham,